29 Ağustos 2009

Advanced Most Recent Posts

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Advanced Most Recent Posts Widget displays your recent posts. It gets posts from selected categories or current category or all posts. When your visitors are at home, it gets posts from all posts or selected category. If you set 'Get posts from current category', when visitors see single post, widget lists posts in the same categories of single post or when visitors click a category link, it gets posts from current category. Plugin could display thumbnails of your posts via a thumbnail custom field or images in content or an image attached to post. (sorry, my English is poor)


  1. Make sure you are running WordPress version 2.8 or better. It won't work with older versions.
  2. Download the zip file and extract the contents.
  3. Upload the 'advanced-most-recent-posts' folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins/).
  4. Activate the plugin through the 'plugins' page in WordPress.
  5. See 'Appearance'->'Widgets' to place it on your sidebar. Set the settings

If you don't use 'Widgets', add following codes in your 'sidebar.php' to place 'Recent Posts' on your sidebar. Change the parameters as you want:

  1. <?php if (function_exists('yg_recentposts')) { ?>
  2.  <li><h2><?php echo 'Most Recent Posts'; ?></h2>
  3.   <ul>
  4.     <?php
  5. $parameters = array(
  6.     'limit' => 10, //Number of posts to show
  7.     'excerpt' => 60,  //excerpt length (letters)
  8.     'actcat' => false, //get posts current category
  9.     'cats' => '5,6',  //Categories to get posts
  10.     'cusfield' => 'thumbnail', //custom field name of thumbnail image
  11.     'w' => 48,  //width
  12.     'h' => 48, //height
  13.     'firstimage' => true,  //get first image of post content
  14.     'atimage' => false, //get first attached image of post
  15.     'defimage' => 'http://www.yakupgovler.com/default.jpg' //default thumbnail image
  16. );
  17.     //print most recent posts
  18.     yg_recentposts($parameters);
  19.    ?>
  20.   </ul>
  21.  </li>
  22. <?php } ?>


How can I set it to get posts from current category?
Select checkbox on widget's settings called 'Get posts from current category'.
I want to display only the posts in two categories.
You have to write their category's ids -seperated with a comma- to 'Categories to get posts' textbox.


Widget's screenshot in 'Appearance'->'Widgets'


Widget's options allow you to change your random posts list displaying.
Title - Your random posts widget's title on your sidebar.
Number of posts to show - How many posts to display
Excerpt length (letters) - You know that
Thumbnail Custom Field Name - If you want to display the thumbnail of your posts via a custom field, write its name.
Height, Width - Images size.
Get first image of post - If you don't want to use custom field, plugin will get first image from your post content.
Get first attached image of post - Plugin gets first attached image of post.
Default image - If post has no image, plugin display this image. Ex: http://www.yakupgovler.com/default-image.png
Notice: If you use three options, plugin uses custom field image firstly. If the post has no custom field, it gets first image from content. At last it gets first attached image. I suggest not to use "Get first image of post" for performance. It queries much more.
Categories - Plugin gets posts in these categories. (Category IDs, separated by commas.)
Get posts from current category - Posts will be get from current category (single post's category or current category).


= Version 1.0 =
* Initial release version.

Support Language

* English
* Turkish
Notice: If you translate it in your language, please let me know.


Advanced Most Recent Posts

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  4. emin dedi ki:

    not speak english.

  5. rats dedi ki:

    Hey, can you please tell what do I have to modify in order to get exceptions (I only want to see the second, third and forth posts of a category, except the 1st post). Thanks in advance, wonderful plugin 🙂


  6. Yakup Gövler dedi ki:

    @rats, find
    $query = "cat=$cats&showposts=$limit";
    and change this code as:
    $query = "cat=$cats&showposts=$limit&offset=1";
    It will display second post, third...

  7. Recent Commented Posts dedi ki:

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  8. Ed dedi ki:

    Is it possible to exclude certain posts in a category also?
    Thank you.

  9. Advanced Most Recent Posts | Burda Heran Hersey Olabilir dedi ki:

    [...] Eklenti Ana Sayfası Paylaş ve Eğlen [...]

  10. mitch dedi ki:

    Hello, wonderful plugin. Nice job. One question. How can I make all thumbnails align=left and margin=5px,5px,0px,0px or something like that. I can do it manually for each post, but I would like to do it globally for all. Thank you again.

  11. Yakup Gövler dedi ki:

    @mitch, you can use "recent-posts-thumb" CSS selector. For example:

    1. .recent-posts-thumb {
    2.  float:left;
    3.  margin: 5px 5px 0 0;
    4. }

    or you can use "advanced-recent-posts" CSS selector. For example:

    1. .advanced-recent-posts img {
    2.  float:left;
    3.  margin: 5px 5px 0 0;
    4. }

    Add these codes into your style.css file.

  12. mitch dedi ki:

    Thank you kindly. I was mistaken in my css file changes. You have a wonderful plugin and I will speak highly of it.

    Teşekkür ederim
    İyi Günler

    My best Turkish 🙂

  13. Vera dedi ki:

    I have translated to spanish, so now if somebody wants it in that language I can help. In that case you will be able to see the widget in spanish instead of english.

    Im trying to fix the errors with the accents (spanish).

    Greetings from Vera´s Soul (http://www.verasoul.com)

  14. roger dedi ki:


    I am testing this plugin i find the post title show below the image how i can fix this issue

    i don't want to show the title below the image i want to show title equal to image

  15. Megan dedi ki:

    How can i make it so that the post title is larger and above the image? Currently it is right after the image and looks like it is part of the post content


  16. roger dedi ki:

    Hi yakup

    i am not able to fix the title to float in the right side my title shows below the thumb

    i pasting the screen shot


    can you help me in this

  17. mazdink dedi ki:

    this plugin is what i'm looking for. Thanks a lot. I add the following to my style.css file to align the thumbnail to the left and it works like a charm 🙂

    .recent-posts-thumb {
    margin: 5px 5px 0 0;

    Many thanks

  18. rich miller dedi ki:

    I've tried and tried to get the categories only feature to work, but I appear to be doing something wrong. I'm running the latest version of WP, by the way.

    You need category ID. I input category name, but that doesn't work. I input category "slug," but that doesn't work, either. My WP doesn't appear to generate a category ID beyond name and slug.


  19. rich miller dedi ki:

    Nevermind. Google is a wonderful thing.

  20. cristian dedi ki:

    Hi, Nice job. I have a question. How can I edit fonts sidebar. I can edit thumbs using .recent-posts-thumb code in css stylesheet, but I can't edit fonts and text.

    Thanks a lot!

  21. Josh Harrison dedi ki:

    I added a line to your plugin to make it possible to customize the output in a theme or another plugin. I would love to send you a patch but am not sure where to send it. Here is the code I added:

    1. $list_item = '<a>ID) . '" title="'. $post_title .'" &gt;' . $image . $post_title . '</a>' . $excerpt . "";
    2. $postlist .= apply_filters('yg_recent_posts_listitem', $list_item, $post);
  22. Edward Kingston dedi ki:

    Is it possible to try and align the image and text together? Right now my text is at the bottom edge of the image.