05 Eylül 2009

Recent Commented Posts

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Recent Commented Posts Widget displays your most recently commented posts. Plugin could display thumbnails of your posts via a thumbnail custom field or images in content or an image attached to post. (sorry, my English is poor) devamı »

29 Ağustos 2009

Advanced Most Recent Posts

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This widget displays your most recent posts. It gets posts selected categories, current category or all categories with thumbnail images via custom field. devamı »

07 Ağustos 2009

Searching in A Selected Category

WordPress Searching in A Selected Category için yorumlar kapalı

We can allow our visitors to select a category for their searching by creating a custom search form. devamı »

17 Nisan 2009

WpRecipes is Cooking WP

WordPress WpRecipes is Cooking WP için yorumlar kapalı

WpRecipes is an awesomely useful site about WordPress. devamı »

22 Mart 2009

Changing Comment Moderation Subject

WordPress Changing Comment Moderation Subject için yorumlar kapalı

WordPress sends an e-mail to moderate comments when a visitor sends a comment. You can change subject of these e-mails. devamı »

22 Mart 2009

We Change wordpress@sitename.com

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Change wordpress@sitename.com in WP e-mails. devamı »

13 Mart 2009

What is WpVote?

WordPress What is WpVote? için yorumlar kapalı

WpVote is an application like digg. You can publish your acrticles about WordPress on WpVote.com. devamı »

21 Aralık 2008

Advanced Blogroll Widget

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Advanced Blogroll Widget shows your bookmarks as you want. You can customize your blogroll easily. devamı »

04 Kasım 2008

Random Tags Cloud Widget v1.2

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Random Tags Cloud displays your tags by selecting randomly. Of course, you can customize other tag cloud’s settings devamı »

02 Kasım 2008

Comment Approved Notifier Plugin v2.0

WordPress 69 Yorum »

My plugin, comment approveed notifier, send an e-mail your commenters when you approve their comment. devamı »

31 Ekim 2008

Advanced Random Posts

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Displays random posts from selected categories or current category or all posts. devamı »